is the complete payment collection platform built with love for the gig economy

In a 2018 survey conducted by, it was revealed that the gig economy sector are struggling to provide affordable and safe payment processors for their customers and clients needs. The issues of fees paid to process these online payments are outrageously expensive, not without mentioning chargebacks and fraud associated with card processing.

As these challenges are left unchecked for years, decided to take the responsibility of bringing payment pages to payment methods, giving freelancers the opportunity to convert sales. Freelancers using to take payments has 33.5% conversation more than the traditional methods like cards offered by Stripe and wallet offered by PayPal.

Freelancers on the platform can create and issue invoices, organise and collect payments for gigs with our out-of-box Gigpot, create storefront and sell products socially with our nocode product links. is uniquely equipped with wonderful features like email, sms reminders and notifications, WhatsApp and other social media sharing and a lot more.

Furthermore, freelancers with websites built with CMS like Wordpress, magento, etc download our off the shelf’s plugins and install.

For freelancers wishing to further unleash the superpowers of programmatically, can head over to our developers section to see what Tryba is capable of.

You may be asking how safe and affordable our services are; first we ensure end to end payment transaction, meaning freelancers are accepting payments directly from their customers without any third party involvement.

Secondly, we built this wonderful platform so you get to keep 100% of your transaction fees but feel free to check out our pricing page if you need more juice for your business.