Free Payment collection tools for freelancers. is helping freelancers take payments with multiple payment options for free and state of the art payment pages like invoicing, storefront and gigpot.

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... ... is helping freelancers accept online payment for free. is the complete business suite built to help freelancers manage customer orders, create and issue invoices to clients, organise gigs, sell products socially or within existing marketplace and increase your online conversion rates.

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Setup your preferred payment pages like invoice, product links, gigpot here in no time.

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Payment pages can be share with customers, friends and family via sms, email and whatsapp.

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Let your customers, friends and family pay you with instantly from anywhere.

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Send your collection to your nominated bank account instantly, no hassle.

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Refer your friends to use and earn £5 immediately they start collecting. (Coming soon)

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The amazing features of


Invoicing. Create the most intuitive & intelligent invoicing that "chases" your clients and customer to make payments.

Gigpot. Stop chasing your friends & families around for money, because will do the chasing and collection for you.

Storefront. Selling without a website? Just create your online store on and start selling, completely free.

Merchant. Have a website and wishes to enable the full powers of We have varieties of framework plugins that can help.

Our PURPOSE promises to freelancers.

Instant Payment collections, bank level security, compliance, free transacations, all sorted for you.

Instant payment

Enabled by SafeConnect Ltd for seamless and instant bank to bank payment with no chargebacks

Secure platform

Powered by the latest security for secure transactions as referenced in our terms & conditions

Free forever is built to eliminate excessive transaction charges and will remain free forever


Goodbye to transaction fees. is helping any business size take payments for free.

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